Who Is Cauveé?

Known as an Inspiration Engineer®, Cauveé [kaw-vay] is an American strategist, investor, coach, entertainer, philanthropist, and speaker.  Cauveé is featured in Huffington Post, labeled the Coach Who Is Dramatically Changing the Game, As the Founder of Cauvee Global Inc., Cauveé is building a unique and cutting-edge empire centered around helping others find freedom and fulfillment.


Cauveé performs speaking arrangements for schools, companies, and other organizations. Our  catalog includes options from entrepreneurship, to success mindset, to corporate success, to  purpose and fulfillment. All topics include a focus on practical and actionable steps.

  • Fireside Chat
  • Speech & Workshop
  • Keynote Concert™ &
  • Edutainment Experience™


A creative at heart, Cauveé first began producing and performing music in high school, where he sold out his first concert of 1,209. Since that time, he has pivoted from the typical music of the world and created a new genre of music called MotivationMusic™. MotivationMusic™ is produced with a purpose, a positive affirmation in the music. To learn more and hear samples, click below.