Wake Up Call – #MotivationMusic

Inspiration Engineer® – Cauveé [kaw-vay],  delivers us with the vibrant sound of New Orleans in this funkadelic fusion Wake Up Call.  With its groovy bass line, punctuating lyrics and smooth soul-soothing vocal we can’t-do anything but feel good and groove to the rhythm.  #MotivationMusic


Coffee for your ears. ☕️ “Fun energetic music with a purpose.” 🎼 #MotivationMusic BOOST!

We all do it!  Make excuses on what is stopping us.  Tell these emphatic stories why X or Y, or Z isn’t possible!  This is not the time to tell yourself, what you can’t do, this is the time to embrace just how amazing you are!  Yes this is your “Wake Up Call.”  




Motivation Music® is not defined by genre, it’s cornerstone is substance.  Consider a positive affirmation that is repeated over and over again to create a specific result.   Motivation Music has that same effect.

A fusion of different styles including but not limited to Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and R&B, #MotivationMusic is a new revolution to come, a genre in itself.