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Hello there! I'm Cauveé pronounced [kaw-vay], I passionately help people reach their full potential. As a Christian servant leader, known as an Inspiration Engineer®, which is the combination of a strategist, coach, content creator, investor, entertainer, philanthropist, and speaker.

Strategic Branding & Consulting

You have a goal, and success is usually right around the corner. My job is to ask the RIGHT questions to reverse engineer simple solutions to help you reach your goal.


Helping people overcome limited beliefs and mental plateaus, I speak on topics including leadership, mindset, personal branding and much more!

Creative Content

Outreach and branding is about creating consistent high quality written, visual and audible content. I help clients with creating the content and placing it in the marketplace.


Creative art sparks our imagination and takes us on a journey. With the power of music, poetry, and other forms of Motivation Media we take you on that journey you won't forget.

Listen In - MotivationMusic™

MotivationMusic™ is a new genre of music, therapeutically designed for for empowerment and personal development.

My Story

From homeless to Huffington Post, I have been through the rollercoaster of life. You can read my full story below...

Cauveé pronounced [kaw-vay] is an Inspiration Engineer with quite a unique story. Unlike most success stories, Cauveé had success early on. He began his journey as a musician by the name of R-tistic. This rapper-producer combo became locally famous for selling out his high school auditorium at a headlined and self-promoted concert of 1,209 people.

Unfortunately for Cauveé, his high school was not willing to compensate this achievement. While attempting to replicate his success at Ball State University, his sophomore concert flopped. Selling 333 tickets out of 3,500, sending him spiraling into debt and depression.

Cauveé never quit. Acquiring skills from some of the biggest corporate brands such as Google, University of Phoenix, and Dish Network, while actively pursuing his dreams, this is how the entrepreneur was born.

While in school full time, launching an entertainment company and serving as an Enrollment Counselor at the University of Phoenix, he helped a young woman graduate with an Associates Degree. Which explains where his passion to help others find fulfillment began.

Cauveé has since transitioned into lifestyle coach, teaching one of his first pupils the principle of Relationship Acquisition® aka sales at Cauvee Creative. This student became #1 sales rep at Zillow a $648M company and breaking 6 figures in revenue.

Cauveé is also a Contributor for Thrive Global and Influencive.

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